Liberto Mealha’s Group

The Liberto Mealha Group consists of this establishments: Wild and Co, Libertos Club, Kiss club,  located in the Albufeira area, in the Algarve. Known for its intense and fun nightlife, as well as its modern and charismatic ambience, Albufeira represents the best the Algarve has to offer. For these reasons, the Liberto Mealha’s Group has its establishments located in Albufeira, and has become part of its cosmopolitan scene.

These establishments seek to offer their customers unforgettable nights, featuring events and services in attractive and genuine surroundings.

Starting the evening with a classy dinner at an elegant venue, one may continue onto a choice of two very distinct bars, each offering diverse and numerous choices for your entertainment.

The Liberto Mealha’s Group is a name synonymous with excellence and superior offers at all levels. The establishments are highly recognized and renowned night spots all over the Algarve, frequently visited by public figures as well as international personalities, placing the Algarve and Portugal on the social map.