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The best parties in the Algarve nightlife since 1981 are in Kiss Club in Albufeira. One of the best clubs in the region, it is a reference in Albufeira nightlife keeping up with the latest trends which have been amusing several generations for so long. Feel the beat of Algarve nightlife and live the best nights in Kiss Club, meeting point for all those ones that seek for fun and want to spend an unforgettable Albufeira nightlife, in the most pleasant club in the Algarve.
Your club in Albufeira has the greatest beats and best parties for every musical taste and preferences, a timeless and exciting vibe that always keeps up with the top artists and latest musics for you to have fun and live an amazing night at Kiss Club. The best DJ’s recreate the perfect mood with great sounds night after night. Every session in Kiss Club is special and unique, so you can live Albufeira nightlife the best way.

Tons of fun in the Albufeira nightlife

Unforgettable night in Kiss Club

  • Incredible Mood!

    Kiss Club in Albufeira recreates the perfect mood for the party lovers with tons of fun and entertainment. Defy Algarve nightlife and live unforgettable moments at the best rhythm.

  • The best DJ's

    Algarve nightife at its best is at Kiss Club in Albufeira listening the best DJ's beats and keeping up with the lastest trends for every who wants to have fun, night after night.

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Dj DaHeat





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Dj Daheat

Great sounds. Daheat a dj from Patcha is thge guest from mr Jay Martin. to play in Kiss Disco Club. Enjoy it

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TwoXploud XDirTY & Royal Piress we come, we rave... and boom!

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